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Marie Skilling

Divine Essence Coach, Mentor & Yoga Teacher

Author of The Bitch Pad book and host of The Bitch Pad podcast, Marie graduated with a psychology degree in  2002. In 2012 she trained as a Traditional Tantric yoga teacher on the sunny shores of southern Goa. It was here that her sense of belonging grew as everything she heard made so much of life to make more sense. The words 'Spark of the Divine' hit her heart like a lightning bolt and it is from here that Divine Essence has formed.

Marie has since trained to practice somatic trauma release and is a qualified Personal and Corporate Coach: a powerful combination! 

Travelling the world and absorbing her surroundings Marie has been inspired to write and publish two children's adventure stories, several poetry books and The Bitch Pad book, deisgned to release the blocks that get in our way from living our Divine Essence, our truth.

Marie is the Patron of Reading at her former primary school and works in schools during World Book Week to empower children to think differently and embrace who they are.

Marie's life has provided her with a mind, body, spirit education, and experiences that gift a perfect blend for her to support others to tap into their Divine Essence and thrive.

You'll be inspired and motivated whether you read her books, listen to the podcast or work with her in a circle or individually.

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