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The BITCH Pad: Is it a book, blog or podcast?

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

If you're new to my podcast, discovered my work by way of my website or social media, you've probably associated me with The BITCH pad for some time. But perhaps you're not sure how it all came about.

And if you've arrived here direct or because you've heard about my coaching, mentoring or yoga services you may wonder why there are references to it all over my content.

Either way, it's probably helpful if I start at the beginning given that the word bitch raises all sorts of connotations in one's creative mind!

Let's begin at the beginning

Back in 2017 I was at home one day, sitting on the sofa with a nice hot drink in my hands, wondering why everything was going wrong with everything I touched. All sorts of mayhem had ensued, including me stubbing my toe on a door frame, which was more than wide enough for me to fit through without sustaining an injury. But I was having one of those clumsy days where I'd knocked an elbow, caught my jumper on a door handle, and finally stubbed my toe. Don't we all have those?

I was flat out of energy, as I sat there musing through my mind, wondering what was going on. And it didn't take me long to realise I'd been pushing too hard for too long without taking a breath or time to rest.

And the result was a whole load of avoidable chaos.

My energy was limited, but it was also scattered, causing me to make silly mistakes all day long.

But what worried me the most was how angry I was about it... and well, most other things that popped into my head to be honest.

All of which reeled off my tongue in one erratic rant after another to anyone who wanted to hear it (or didn't, but couldn't escape the firing line).

It was rare for me, but it felt necessary with the frame of mind I was in, and I knew I was getting to something. I didn't know what, but I did know I was ready for change and that something needed to shift.

It Was a chaotic Culmination of Randomness

As this was all streaming through my mind with the hot drink steaming in my hands; its pleasant waft filling my nostrils with the soothing scent of hot honey and lemon, I wondered what happened to the glass of wine I'd gone to the kitchen to pour.

What on earth was going on?

Was I on such a level of autopilot that I'd not even noticed a change of mind to what drink I was making?

Apparently so!

It was a worrying thought, but I absolutely respect whatever divine intervention stopped me from pouring wine into a glass and instead steered me towards safely cutting a lemon, boiling some water and spooning some honey into a mug instead.

And as the steam from that healthy elixir rose through my nose, it infected me with wonderment as to whether there might be another way to lead my life.

Of course there is whispered a voice from within.

A New Way Might Just Be Possible

With everything on my mind, I decided that ranting out loud wasn't helping me. And my lifestyle needed to be interrupted in a similar way to how I had just been prevented from pouring wine into my body (I'm a lightweight at the best of times).

And as my mind doesn't stay vacant of ideas for very long (most of the time), in that quiet moment on the sofa, the ideas continued to flow through, but from a different place: my heart.

The gentle whisper of my heart was asking me to slow down, take a breath, chill the fuck out and find a new way for myself.

The Writer's Way

As a writer, I had always felt such immense release and then reflective possibility pour through me whilst journaling. And as I was in coach mode, building my first full iteration of my coaching business at that time, I wondered what I could design to help people in a similar situation to myself: too busy, burnt out, screwing up and spinning out, whilst remaining positive and productive all at the same time because that's how we roll far too often in this world.

It's respected, in fact.

I'm sure you can relate!

And burning through all this for me, was how, in a world where our mind's matter so much, how could I empower people to lead from their hearts for their own sake?

It was in that moment that I decided I wanted to tell my own story and design a journal that provided a tool to empower all of you to create your own way towards a life that would serve you better.

I had also been working in workshop settings for years where I always have a flip chart to post up things that people wanted to rant out loud that were off topic. At one point, I decided to name the flipchart and call it The Bitch Pad because, if we're honest, that's what that pad of large paper is for - bitching!

And so, The BITCH Pad became my baby for all of this to reach out to all of you. These early ideas and the first draft of the book have since become the book you can soon get your hands on. And then of course came this podcast.

My First Innings

The first version of The BITCH Pad book was mostly focused on what we need to bitch out in the sense of getting off our chests, what is getting in the way of our dreams (namely ourselves) and how to change that.

I loved writing that book. It was good medicine for me, and I felt I held in my hands something special that would help so many people.

But since then I've written a different version that dives deeper and it's less angry than the first attempt. Despite a pandemic, you'll still be able to get your hands on it December 3rd when I cannot wait to release it. It's lighter in touch and has a different edge to the original and you are going to love it. Keep your eye out also for my Self Love box that I've designed as a winter pick-me-up and a reminder of how important self love is. It's a brilliant accompanying mood setter for working your way through the book.

But why The BITCH Pad?


BITCH stands for Brave, Intuitive, Tenacious, Creative Heart and that was the ultimate goal of what I wanted to create: empowerment for my readers to connect and lead with their brave hearts.

And as I wrote, I felt inspired. Inspired enough to start up the social media account that I ran for a while before taking a break when I had to move home for what felt like a zillion times. Sometimes our plans don't work out as we planned. But when we look back, we realise our plans that upset us when they didn't work out, actually needed not to work out. In fact, they needed to be dismantled, and we realise that what seemed to be a setback was in fact a blessing. All I can say is that I must be truly blessed as there have been many many many setbacks. But I am thankful for all of them.

The place I originally wanted to call home, my BITCH Pad fell through you see, but in the midst of all that I wrote the new version of the The Bitch Pad book, I launched a new website, I drafted another book that was completely unexpected and I began my podcast journey.

And so, I think we can count that as intervention number two (although I can definitely count a few more in between as well). The past few years have been quite remarkable in the insights and interventions I have received, and I am grateful for all of them.

With the new version of the book I intend it as an initiation into all that I have planned for the future. My plans to build something that is meaningful and relevant to all of you, no matter what stage of life you're at, what needs you have or what support you require from someone like me. Someone who can help you shift what has been getting in your way and empower you to find a new way to fulfil your dreams.

And I truly believe I have needed all that has happened to me to have taken place before I could bring all that I really wanted to offer you to the table.

Empowering You

So there you have it, The BITCH Pad is all about empowering your Brave, Intuitive, Tenacious, Creative Heart to seek out all that you want in life in a way that serves you rather than spites you.

It is my hope that all of this becomes as special to you as it has been for me. I hope it empowers you to lead your own way in a way that speaks to your soul and ensures you take care of yourself along the way.

You see, when I first started The BITCH Pad journey it came about because I was neglecting myself, but that was the LAST time I allowed that and I've never looked back.

Joining Me

The podcasts are now an extension of the bookish beginning, as it's important for me to communicate in a variety of ways to suit all of you. But it's also about me being brave with my voice as that didn't always come easy to me.

For me to commit to my heartfelt journey it has been essential that I walk the talk and that includes talking to all of you.

So, here I am, asking you to join me, by listening in and reading what I write in the hope that I can empower you to serve your deepest and highest self. On this shared journey as the collective that we are.

For you

My request for you is to ask you to be brave for yourself, trust your intuition, be tenacious with your efforts towards all that you deserve, and allow your unique creations to carve through your life as you lead with your heart all the way.

We are the brave hearts who stand stronger together when we support each other.

I AM here for you, and I hope you can all be there for each other, as we build my dream for all of you.

From here on, you'll learn more about what all of this means and how it can impact your life to serve you well.

The book will be released December 3rd and I'll be sharing all information here, on my website and on instagram. So keep your ears and eyes peeled for all that I have coming up for you!

From me to you, please believe in you.

You have all you need already within.

What do you want to do with it?

Big Blessings.


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