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Heart Deepener: Meditation Included

To follow on from last week's heart post, I wanted to deepen the connection with you, and so I recommend reading this post alongside listening in to the two part podcast episodes dedicated to heart to enjoy the flow between the two aspects I share, as well as enjoying the heart deepening meditation.

She who listens

Your heart hears everything. It's the reason you hurt when you are attacked. But you hurt because you allow your mind to tell your heart that the attack is about you.

In any given situation where you feel under attack, you quickly surmise what went on, what it meant and how you're going to feel. You interpret an emotional attack as something similar to a physical attack, your limbic system quickly kicks in and all of a sudden everything within you is in agreement that you are under attack and you're a victim and it hurts and they (whoever they are) are wrong and blah blah blah.

If you think about you as the gazelle, as I mentioned before, yes, you might find yourself under attack from a lion. That much might be true. And your limbic sytem would be correct in telling you to run away from the lion.

But your mind wouldn't then go on to tell you that the lion went for you because you look a certain way, life is unfair or this has happened before or you deserve it.

You just assume you've got a really hungry lion chasing down.

So, why not do the same in your life?

You can choose to listen to the truth or the story that keeps you!

Breathe into her

If you can take a breather in such situations and turn to your heart to listen in, you will hear that SHE is actually speaking when you most need her. SHE may not be loud but she will be saying something to you.

So when the shit hits the fine, try stepping off the panic podium and listen in to help you rationalise situations better.

You see, only when we are under real threat should our limbic system regulate us. At any other time, when there is no real threat if we go down this route it is our ego that has kicked in and doesn't help us. It just loves to spit all over our hearts and take the stage like an attention seeking teenager and we believe what it says as truth.

But she who listens hears SHE who speaks wisely because SHE (your heart) sees through situations clearly. SHE identifies the truth and responds to the reality rather than the fear induced fuckery that floats around trying to lead us down a path that isn't the truth.

And believe me, when my blood starts boiling, my ego loves to jump on stage, but my breath is my friend every single time.

Our breath will always lead us back to our hearts to help us listen in.

Podcast Heart Meditation

This week's podcast episode is part two of the two-part Heart episodes as I decided it was necessary. I recorded the first one and felt it essential that I offer something even deeper. And so here, you have some of the words I share on it but you'll have to tune in to sit back and enjoy the meditation.

Podcast Shows

If you haven't tuned in yet, amongst other episodes you'll now find all the episodes that break down B.I.T.C.H available to you now on iTunes, Spotify or this website. You can listen to them in any order, but you'll understand the journey of The Bitch Pad more if you seek them out in order:

Heart... and here we are!

And remember, you are all heart, a brave heart, the one in charge of your inner kingdom. Nurture your inner world, love who you are and lead from your heart and you will never look back.

For the love of us all, best wishes and beyond.


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