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Chakra Cleansing Meditation

This week's content is a little different in that I have remastered the Chakra Cleansing Meditation on my Meditate page for my weekly podcast show. It has a fresher sound with a more relaxing backing soundtrack (I think).

If you haven't already tuned into The Bitch Pad podcast, you can subscribe via iTunes or Spotify to listen in to the same content included here in this blog. It's also on the Podcast page of this website.

When you subscribe, whoever you choose to listen to your podcasts through will send you an alert for every new episode.

As the guided meditation is an auditory experience, it doesn't really work as a blog post, which isn't really aligned with my accessibility ethos to have content available to both listen to and read. But I will look to see what I can do about this in the future, as I want to make my work as inclusive as possible.

In the meantime, if you are able to listen, I hope you enjoyed it and you sense it cleanse any stagnant energy from you to allow new energy to form and ignite within you!

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