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Be You: We're Waiting For You

I hope it has been very clear in everything that I've shared so far that my mission is to empower you to be entirely you.

To be brave for you to stand up for what you want, and to be intuitive for you to ensure that what you seek is really what you want.

To be tenacious towards all that you seek to make sure it happens, to be creative because your unique take on the world lights you up, and of course, we want you to be all heart for you because SHE is only about you.

But we're also a bit selfish and definitely want you to be all of this for us too!

Uniquely You

By being you, you bring your unique gifts to the world that are different to anything else that I or another person will bring. Yes, we might both paint, both run a business, both parent or both of us might write, swim, walk, shop or even clean but we'll each do it in a different way.

Our why and how is what sets us apart and that's a beautiful thing. Difference is unique and it's what sets you apart.

So, be you, uniquely you, and feed into the collective your specific spark of divine feminine to give us a treat that we haven't experienced before.

You are a gift to you and to us!

Difference and Conflict

It's no secret that difference is at the centre of conflict, disagreements, fights and even bloody war. But it's important to realise that difference isn't the real cause. It's just the reason that gets banded around as the excuse for why people can't accept themselves first and choose to look outside of themselves for things that face them with their fears rather than digging deep into their hearts to accept their own difference.

If you think about it, someone saying that they don't accept something different is really saying that they are trying to control the unknowns, trying to assert some kind of power by oppressing that which is different to them to make them feel more about who they are than that which they actually believe.

When someone makes others feel small they merely give themselves a false sense of feeling big. But it's all just an act and it's all in their head and you don't need to take their issue on as your own just because they have missed the blessing of difference.

Difference is the Blessing

The blessing is only ever in accepting difference as the beautiful radiance that something different brings to you. Whether that's in the colour of a person's eyes or their skin, in the variety of accents and languages that fill the world, the smell of fresh flowers, chocolate or freshly baked bread, the soothing sound of gentle running water versus the powerful surge of a waterfall. Nothing is better, only different.

Variety is the spice of life whether that's Old Spice, Allspice or The Spice Girls!

Find Your Spice

If you can Spice Up Your Life in a way that serves you rather than spites you, you will serve us too. So get off the guilt train of thinking serving yourself is selfish. Yes, if you go around fucking people over just to get what you want, you are a selfish sod. But, if you are serving yourself by attending to your deepest and highest needs, you are simply doing what will serve you to be wholly you, rather than being a half baked piece of soggy bread that turns us off.

It's not that we want you running on all cylinders for us all the time, but we do want you to show up for yourself fully, and when you do this we naturally sit back and enjoy your magic, whatever flavour that might be as a consequence.

So, take some time to find your spice, pick the flavours you want and seek out things that represent you rather than trying to fit yourself into a trendy overcoat that is actually a straight jacket in disguise that will only contain you.

What is your own spicy style?

Express You As You

When you know your spicy style and you're clear and accepting of who you are, how about sharing that with us? There's no point hiding away even if you are the queen of introverts.

Where there's a will there is a way. And for you, that might be standing on stage for all the world to see or it might mean a quiet and small collective of your closest confidants.

Find the way that supports you to express who you are.

Be a Brave Heart

It is my desire to be a beacon for all of you that wish to dig into your deepest and highest truth, and empower you to elevate yourself to the life that you seek. I know you're a brave heart and I know that you have it all within you, and I am willing to help you in all sorts of ways.

But I'm not arrogant to think I can do that alone. And for someone who has control freak tendencies it has taken me a long time to release control and let others in. And to be able to do that I have had to connect with my heart and be brave to serve me rather than spite me, listen to my intuition to not fear letting others in, be tenacious in my preparation and effort to get me this far and be creative beyond what my mind sometimes told me I was.

All of which has lead me back to my heart and SHE is as brave as I know yours is too.

The Next Brave Step

Starting The Bitch Pad podcast is a brave step I've taken this year. Another one is finally releasing The Bitch Pad book, which you'll be able to get your hands on at the end of October. And my next brave step is to invite a collective of women into The Bitch Pad space who have served themselves in remarkable ways, and as a result have served us whether they intended to or not (though I think it's probably true of all of them).

They have served us in how their path is inspirational, in showing us how they have overcome obstacles to continue, both monumental obstacles and daily struggles. They continue to serve us in how they remain grounded and real about life, and in how they connect to all of us without judgement, criticism or hate. They are all women who will fix another woman's crown when they are feeling down and I will not accept anything less for me or for you.

That's the mother hen that I am. My heart shouts that message loud and clear within me.

And so the next phase for me is to interview these wonderful women for you who come from all walks of life to showcase the different ways in which we can lean into our brave hearts to serve ourselves.

The Bitch Pad podcast is moving from a solo show to shared stories.

The Bitch Pad Interviews

By tuning into The Bitch Pad here or on iTunes or Spotify you are going to be treated to the voices of women who have also had to be brave as they've paved their way. I'm interviewing Kathleen Walker for the Brave episode, Em Mullholland is bringing her intuition to the conversation, followed by the tenacity of Neeta Oza, the creativity of Emma Brassfield and the lovely heart of my Mum, therapist Kim Skilling.

Beyond Braving It Alone

We can be brave alone when we need to be, no doubt. But being supported in our bravery makes our path that much easier. And so, I will soon share what I aim to offer as a supportive collective to empower you to continue to be brave in a way that serves your deepest and highest desires.

In the meantime, continue to tune into you, as I plan how we can tune in together more, by first releasing my interviews to inspire your brave, intuitive, tenacious, creative heart and then I will serve you further by setting up more ways for us to join together to serve each other.

I believe in you, I hope you do too!


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