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Be Heart: Let Your Heart Lead

It takes a brave heart to be wholly you in this world and stand bravely by who you are.

That line is the opening line to my final chapter in The Bitch Pad and every time I read or say it, I feel tingles through my body.

I feel those tingles because of all the times I didn't stand by who I am because I was ashamed. All the times I didn't accept myself wholly.

And it has taken a long time for me to be brave in my heart for me.

And that is why it is my mission to empower you to be brave for you.

This existence, the one we call life really is too short for not accepting who you are, for not standing up for yourself, and for sitting in a pool of shame for who you are.

But one of the good things about this life, is that the opposite is so readily available:

You can be unapologetically you.

The Courage To Lead

We've already talked about being brave, but as I see it, you are already a brave heart, no matter what you think or what I say, and so bringing bravery into the conversation about heart is essential.

Remember the Wizard of Oz and the cowardly lion? Remember his speech about courage? Well, when we think of courage and all the things he says he can do if he's given it, we might think that to lead, the gift of courage is where the story ends. But given that its the Tin Man who is asking for a heart, the assumption we don't even notice we make is that the lion must already have a heart if he hasn't asked for one, and so it therefore goes that courage alone isn't what supports him to do all that he sets out to do as a leading lion.

He has heart at the centre of him that leads him to make a powerful and convincing speech about why he needs courage.

Something that the Tin Man couldn't do and something the lion was able to do in the absence of courage.

And if we look at how the Tin Man looses his limbs at the hands of the Wicked Witch of the East, which leads him to him loosing his heart, we see a man unable to do anything or to love. And although he is wrapped in a tin body, that armour does nothing to help him connect with the world or lead his life courageously. Before the Wizard of Oz replaces his heart, the Tin Man feels cold and disconnected.

And so, without heart I conclude that there is no courage, and where there is heart but courage is lacking, it is simply an opportunity to tune back into the heart to find it, because that is all our hearts ever wants u to do.

SHE whispers this to you always.

It's time to listen in!

SHE Who Whispers

The subtle call of your heart is always there. In fact, SHE is desperate to be heard, not because she seeks attention for her ego's sake, but because she is always there waiting to serve your deepest and highest needs.

SHE is your saviour, your guidance, your core and your truth.

SHE calls you to shine for you.

SHE knows you like no other.

SHE will support you to breathe new life into you.

SHE will listen if you listen to her.

SHE will guide you.

SHE will lead the way.

Her voice may be subtle, perhaps a mere whisper, but only when she is not used to being heard. Pay her attention by letting her know that you see her, accept her and want her there with you, and she will soon realise that she is a welcome guest in your home.

SHE Who Whispers.

SHE who wills you to be all that you are.

SHE will obey your commands.

Tell her what you want.

SHE will reveal all that you need to know.

SHE Who Leads

SHE will lead you if you let her.

Your heart is at the centre of who you are. Think about her positioning in your body, especially in relation to your chakras (energy centres) and the role she serves in regulating your physiological being. She leads the way in ensuring everything else in your body is fed with the blood that serves your organs, your limbs and your skin.

SHE keeps you alive!

But SHE is more than that. SHE leads the way in all ways. And by tuning in to her, you will find that your sense of being beyond just your physiology is served by all that SHE has to offer.

SHE will lead you to all the places you desire if you allow her to.

Breathe into her.


SHE whispers.

SHE knows the way.





Breathe into her.

Let her know that SHE is welcome.

Take note of all that SHE has to say.

Allow her to lead the way.

Lead from SHE

And so, when we learn to lead from the heart and interrupt the nonsense because we listen to what SHE has to say, we find a new way. We trip up the status quo and disrupt our autopilot reactions.

When we let her speak SHE is only too willing to support the path we really want because SHE is us and we are SHE.

And when you realise this, it can make you feel a little silly for ever ignoring her in the first place. I know I did.

SHE is your intuition.

SHE is your voice.

SHE is your internal compass.

SHE is your nature.

SHE is your best friend.

SHE cares for you more than anyone.

SHE knows your needs.

SHE knows your desires.

SHE believes in you.

SHE seeks your truth.

SHE will show you the way.

Trust her

If you trust your heart you are trusting you, and if you struggle to trust yourself you have a relationship to work on with her. SHE literally only has your best interests at heart.

SHE is your best friend.

Your relationship with yourself is the best you will ever have. That relationship is between you and your heart.

If you've neglected that relationship, it is time to make a start on that union as soon as you can because SHE always wants to be there for you.

SHE is always there for you.

Trust her to be there for you and SHE will never let you down.

SHE will share gems with you that you've never heard before.

Let her reveal to you all that you need to shift out of your way.

SHE will support you to shift all that makes you feel stuck.

Let her lead you to all that you want because SHE already knows what that is.

SHE holds your desires, your dreams and your secrets.

Let her release any shame or guilt you have been asking her to hold.

Allow her to release the stories that no longer serve you.

SHE will release all that you ask her to.

Let her show you all that she wants for you instead.

SHE will reveal all that you truly are beneath the blanket you hide behind.

Let her lead you.

Let her love you.

Let her be you.

SHE is you.

You are SHE

It's important to realise that your relationship with your heart is one of the easiest for you to create because you are SHE and SHE is you.

You already have it all within you.

You just need to be brave and stand by you.

You just need to lean in to your intuition and listen.

You just need to be tenacious in your efforts for all that you deserve.

You just need to be accepting of your creativity to carve your way.

You just need to be heart and lead your own way.

You are all heart, a brave heart, the one in charge of your inner kingdom. Nurture your that inner world, love who you are and lead from your heart and you will never look back.

I know I haven't!

For the love of us all, best wishes and beyond.


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