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Be Creative: It Sets You Apart

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Creativity is as much about easels and paint pots as it is about laying bricks or redesigning processes. It's just as important to an art gallery as it is to the production line, and so it automatically follows that we are all creative (in my humble opinion).

And in our innate creativity, it is my belief that we all have an opportunity to set ourselves apart.

Now fancy that!

You are the creator.

Your experience only exists as you perceive it.

You create your view of the world through:

Your opinions

Your thoughts

Your comparisons

Your anger

Your love

Your pain

And your joy!

What exists without you?

The relationships you choose, the career you adopt and the life you live, are all your creations.

If you can create the path, you’re on and it doesn’t bring you joy, it doesn’t serve you, or worse, it stifles you, it’s possible for you to create a new way.

You are your creator with the skill and drive to live every day as the creator in charge and able to create the change you choose to seek.

It is time to breathe in that change and make the changes you need.

This is your invitation, your invocation, and your deserving occasion to believe in you and make the start towards all that you want for you.

You are the creator

As much as I:

The designer of your life.

Carve your days into the woodwork of your existence.

Build your future wise.

Develop your dreams.

Paint your passions.

Vision your voice into script.

With words of wisdom.

To tell your truth.

From your heart to mine.

Ignite your imagination and light your way.

Procreate and recreate - you know what brings you joy.

Continue to cocreate to birth your heart to new heights.

Believe in all your power to serve us with your gifts.

Share them with your presence…

Paint your essence across the sky

From the pretty paint pot of your soul

Dream the dreams you seek for you.

Create the magic that is possible.

And whatever you create, understand one thing: don’t let time restrain you.

Neither the time of day or night you create or how long it takes you.

The poetic words above woke me at 5am, which is late given that most of my poems tickle my eyelids around 3am. It seems to be the waking witching hour for me, when unexpressed inspiration feels ready to share… and who am I to get in its way?

I always have a notepad and pen next to my bed in case my dream space wants to speak to me. And although I’ve done this for years, I still find it fascinating how things can come to us out of what seems like nowhere. And when someone asks me how long a book takes to write, it’s an answer that is so difficult to answer, as sometimes the first draft takes a few weeks and then I leave it alone for years. And at other times, I can’t stop until something is finished, and I have little concept of time when I’m in the creative bubble.

For those of you that consider yourself to be creative, I’d love to hear how your creative inspirations come to you.

And for those of you that don’t think you’re creative, have a think about the thought bubbles that come to you. Moments of inspirations. Your random thoughts and Idea light bulbs.

If you’ve been employed for your creative talents, you might have specific ways of invoking your creativity. Working to a commercial deadline whilst keeping the creativity flowing is quite a talent. I’d love to know what you do to keep the flow rather than facing blocks.

I have very specific ways of maintaining my flow, but they involve very little structure, whereas you might need to set structure for you to get going.

So, ask yourself, what do you need to get your creative juices flowing and then keep going?

I like to let inspiration rise when it’s ready. But this isn’t always a luxury we have.

So, what’s your preferred way versus the way you sometimes or often have to work with?

And what difference does this make for you?

And if you’re listening to this thinking, ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body,’ well you’re going to love my chapter on this in The Bitch Pad that I’m releasing October 31st because I have quite the argument for you on this.

You see, in my humble opinion we’re all creative. I’ve already mentioned quite a lot in the beginning of this episode to demonstrate that, but if you joined this episode with the mindset that you’re not creative, you may have skimmed your listening by being on the lookout only for the bits that apply to you.

And if you joined this episode with the mindset that you are creative, you may have also skimmed your listening by being on the lookout only for the bits that apply to you.

Either way, you made a choice to extract what supports your current mindset.

A CREATIVE choice.

You brought with you your opinions, values and beliefs, previous experiences and future thoughts, and pre-loaded your listening with them.

And so, right from my first word you were already creatively weaving your way into what I have to say. This is a risk we take, which sometimes stops what’s good for us from filtering in.

What’s powerful about that is that we have this ability to weave our way into our daily existence to creatively impact our lives. And how we do this determines whether we lead our life towards dissatisfaction or to things that excite or satisfy us more.

And so, I urge you to lead your way forward with an open heart and mind to allow for more possibility.

To accept that you are creative. That you are the creator of your choices. That you are in control of the controllables, and that you are able to allow life to flow through you as much as you decide what comes next. That you can facilitate all that wants to come your way and take actions that serve your desires.

Allow yourself to dream a little towards where you see yourself, in a way that makes your heart feel warm and full.

What changes would you like to see?

Paint the picture you see in your mind’s eye.

And breathe into it.

What does your world look like if you were brave enough to make the change you seek?

What does it look like if you were intuitively connected to all that you seek?

Or if you were tenacious in your actions towards all that you seek?

What does your world look like if you were to create the change you seek?

And what does it look like with your hand on your heart, knowing that you are feeling into all that you seek?

Breathe deep.

Give yourself the chance you deserve.

And breathe deeper.

What one small thing could you do to create what you seek?

Creativity isn’t just about craft.

It’s about your existence and how you want that to play out.

So please, allow yourself to play.

Play with the rules.

Not everything is as fixed as you feel it is.

Find the flexibility.

Challenge your choices.

Open your opinions.

Breathe life into your beliefs.

And value your value.

You are the power behind the change you seek.

If you could be, do or have anything, what would you create?

Step outside of your comfort zone, stretch your imagination, breathe energy into it, and take as step that serves you.

And don’t forget, you are always welcome to come and work with me. You’ll find my 121 Coaching options at

In the meantime, you’ll find daily inspiration on Instagram @marie.skilling and just in case you’ve forgotten, The Bitch Pad book arrives October 31st.

I do hope you’re enjoying all the treats I’m bringing to you and I look forward to sharing more.

Wishing you well,


Two of my favourtie creative past times are writing and photography. I write with a pen and pad before I take to the computer, but photography is much more of a gadget experience. My next creative play with photography is to get more confident with it in the water and I'm choosing the Olympus TG-6 Tough Camera as my iPhone doesn't always charge well after too many splashes and I'm not a big fan of the cases. I made sure to buy replacement batteries for my travels to ensure I don't miss any magical moments.

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